Separation of Powers

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Our Separation of Powers PowerPoint template is a beautifully designed template filled with suitable diagrams and tabs for explaining this concept in depth. This template set consists of 10 editable PPT slides, each of which is filled with spectacular graphic representations.

The topic, Separation of Powers is related to the division of powers of the government into different sections. If you look forward to deliver a presentation on this topic, then this set will best suit your needs. All the 10 fully customizable slides have been arranged in a pre-planned format by our professionals which will make it easy for you to give a detailed presentation without overlooking any important facts and characteristics of the concept.

The slides carry flow diagrams where text can be edited accordingly to present the concept. Text boxes and text areas have been provided at relevant places in the slides to explain the topic. The graphics filled with vibrant colors will attract the attention of your audience and will help you in gaining their focus.


Separation of Powers is a model which was described by Montesquieu in his writings for the governance of the state. The concept focuses at dividing the power of governance among three separate groups, where every individual branch can check the powers and working of each other. This doctrine is currently functional in several countries such as Australia. This concept has proven to be helpful in prevention of misuse of power and abuse of authority in the government. This concept takes into consideration the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government as independent units, each of them checking each other's functionality.

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