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Sales Funnel

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Our Sales Funnel PowerPoint Template is an amazing template which depicts the concept of creating a funnel brilliantly. Creation of a Sales Funnel is an important aspect of Sales and Marketing strategy of any organization. It all starts from creating awareness in prospective customers about your product or service and an interest & trust in it and finally the customer makes a purchase which is the ultimate objective of creating a Sales Funnel.

The template set contains 17 editable PPT slides which contains detailed diagrams and graphics to illustrate the conventions of creating an effective funnel. The numerous amount of slides filled up with important content by our professionals give you a chance to host an extensive presentation on the topic. Every detail of the topic has been illustrated excellently in this awe-inspiring template. Since the template is extensively detailed, it has been designed in such a way that the audience does not get bored or loose focus during the presentation. The vibrant color combinations have been used in the slides for the same purpose. The set will make it easy for you to explain the topic to your audience in a more convenient and understandable way.


Sales Funnel is a concept of finding prospects and converting them into buyers. It is a marketing strategy which includes the process of generating leads, converting them to prospects, convincing them to buy and further converting them to customers. It can be considered as a sure shot concept which is optimized and changed according to different business situations in order to yield maximum output. The motive of creating it is not only to find and create customers for a business, but also to retain them and convert them into loyal returning customers for the company.

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