3 C’s Framework

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3 C’s Framework

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Using proper measuring channels helps in evaluating different marketing proposals, business ideas, or process efficiency easily. Our ready-to-use 3 C's Framework PowerPoint template offers a viable option for presenting the different parameters (Capabilities, Competencies, and Capacities) of such a measuring channel. 

The converging three-circle design used in this PPT is a beautiful representation of inter-relation and dependency of each parameter. Herein, our designers have thoughtful, included clockwise arrow-indentations to depict the continual improvisation conducted in each parameter.  

Useful for Proposal and Training Purposes

Whether there are new marketing approaches available for business growth or intricate process development programs for boosting production efficiency, their key elements should always be considered based on Capabilities, Competencies, and Capacities. Our versatile template allows you to share any of your ideas and analysis in the most creative and engaging manner. Other possible uses for this PPT are:

  • Introductory slide for sharing the merits of your business proposal
  • Process auditing observations based on these parameters
  • Educating the importance of this concept and its aspects
  • Highlighting the benefits of joining with new partners and processes

Our team of experts has made this template completely editable to let you customize any visual element or text content as per your requirements. Download this amazing PPT right now to enrich any of your business presentations conveniently.

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