BI Governance PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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BI Governance PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Download our BI Governance template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to showcase the policies, processes, and standards that ensure effective and responsible use of business intelligence (BI) tools within an organization. IT professionals can use this deck to depict governance principles guiding their company’s data privacy and retention policies. You can also use this set to highlight the role of a well-governed BI environment in maintaining the security and infrastructure of BI systems. Further, you can exhibit case studies of successful BI governance implementations.

The blend of a white background, multicolor graphics, and stunning icons make the slides the perfect resources to give your content a structured look. So, get this graphic-rich PPT now!

A Glance at the Slides’ Design

  • You can make your presentation’s beginning impactful using our captivating cover slide.
  • A brief overview of BI governance is presented with clarity.
  • The three pillars of BI governance are showcased via an impressive graphic.
  • The components of BI governance are represented clearly and precisely.
  • One of the slides depicts why BI governance is important.
  • An eye-pleasing illustration portrays steps for implementing BI governance.
  • An infinity infographic demonstrates BI governance metric insights.
  • The best practices for BI governance are shown via an exquisite illustration.


  • Customizing the deck components to match your presentation’s theme is effortless.
  • All set attributes are thoughtfully designed to eliminate the room for copyright issues.
  • Each infographic guarantees the same resolution and quality, even when scaled to a widescreen.
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