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Cynefin Framework

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Developed by Dave Snowden (for IBM), it is a popular conceptual framework that helps in decision making while analyzing various characteristics of a situation. It involves a sense-making decision and is based on the Welsh concept of Cynefin (which means habitat). The framework can distinguish any context into 5 major domains – obvious, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorder. The framework takes into account a situation, resources, behavior of people, and other factors. It has also laid the foundation of research in learning theory and system theory.

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If you think it can be a tedious job to explain the concept of the Cynefin Framework to your audience, then you have come to the right place. Using these editable and resourceful slides on the topic, you can make your job so much easier. The template features all sorts of visually appealing illustrations about the model that you can use them without any trouble. This will save your time and make sure that your audience would be able to retain the shared information on the topic. It would be a win-win situation for you as well as your audience!

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Our designers have thought of every important detail while working on this Cynefin Framework PowerPoint template. We have made sure that it stays informative yet visually appealing, so that you can draft engaging slideshows. You can easily explain the overall framework by discussing its definition and background. Furthermore, there are dedicated illustrations to explain the entire framework and its domains. You can also explain the uses of the framework, how it can help in decision making, and touch a wide range of other topics related to it.

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This would be an extremely resourceful template for managers, team leads, strategists, business analysts, trainers, educators, consultants, and even subject matter experts. Ideally, any individual who wants to educate others about the Cynefin Framework can use these slides. The set is drafted in different color themes and supports PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. Also, it is based on a master slide for quick edits and comes with a responsive customer support, letting you utilize the template in no time.

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