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Economic Growth

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Economic Growth is defined as the increase of the market value of goods and services produced by the economy overtime. It’s measured in real time by the percentage rate increase of the gross domestic product of the economy. There are several factors that contribute to growth of the economy; among them are natural resources, human capital, entrepreneurship and capital goods. Public, private and regional factors play a part in economic growth as do collaboration with national and international players and stakeholders in the economy. It is a cycle and as such is a dynamic and fluctuating process. It can be difficult to identify your place in the cycle and to communicate that to others. This is where we can help.

Our Economic Growth PowerPoint template explains the peaks and valleys of the economic cycle and to help identify where we are in the recession or recovery aspect of growth. Our PPT slides give you a way to illustrate this growth cycle showing both the negative and positive aspects of the economy in a clear and understandable format that will aid in understanding.

Think Globally

Are you thinking of taking your company global? Our template allows you to present the risks and benefits of globalization to your stakeholders with high quality graphics in a fully customizable template.  You can illustrate the impact of globalization on your company’s bottom line with this easy to use set. It’s relatively easy to create a professional and interesting presentation with our slides. No prior PPT design experience is necessary to jump right in and start editing.

All you do is select your color theme and get to work. Add in your own sub-headings and the pertinent data for your presentation. These slides are vector-based so you can resize and change the layout as needed.  Give a professional and up to date presentation with confidence using our template. These slides are available for Google Slides, Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. No matter what platform you’re using, you get the same high definition color slides and ease of use.

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