Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

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Giving an informative presentation on Gross Domestic Product has never been so easy. Use this professionally designed PowerPoint template and save your time while working on a memorable slideshow.

Gross Domestic Product (or commonly known as GDP) is a vital indicator that denotes the overall health of a country’s economic condition. It is the overall value of the services provided by a nation and products manufactured by it during the specific time duration (usually a quarter). It can get a little complex to exactly measure a country's GDP as it involves economic performance, exports, imports, value, services, and so on at a micro and macro level. Either an income approach or an expenditure approach is followed to calculate it.

Who can use this template?

Every economist knows how vital this concept is. It is such a universal topic and is often taught to students in schools as well. Therefore, almost every kind of individual who would like to give a remarkable presentation on GDP can use this set. It can be used by educators to teach their students about the subject or a researcher who is working on a related project.

Consultants, economists, and subject matter experts can also use this set. With it, you can easily make your audience familiar with this topic in an extensive manner. Since it features interactive vectors, your audience would also be able to retain this information in the long run.

It consists of:

It would be a one-stop solution for you to explain the subject right from the square one. The set features dedicated PPT slides regarding the definition of GDP, how to calculate it, major components, contributors, etc.

We have also compared the GDP of various countries the world over. This information is represented in the form of a world map, circular diagrams, and other visually appealing illustrations.

Furthermore, you can dig a little deeper by covering the subject in a comprehensive way. Explain the difference between nominal and real GDP, influencing factors, the flow of components, and more.

How to use it?

The set has already elucidated the subject extensively and can readily be used. Though, you can always alter it as per your needs. It is an entirely editable template that can be customized in no time. You can change its sequence, add your own content, edit the existing illustrations, and do so much more in no time. It is available in different color themes and comes with a dedicated customer support.

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