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Innovation Ambition Matrix for PowerPoint and Google Slides


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The Innovation Ambition Matrix was introduced in the Harvard Business Review as a model that aids organizations to decide funding of their growth initiatives. The model offers detailed answers for serving markets, targeting new market needs, new products, etc. Through all these verticals, the model helps businesses figure out their winning strategy and active audience environment.

Since companies are always looking forward to innovation-oriented approach to drive the growth of their services and products, this approach is frequently utilized in every industry. We have prepared this template to help you find the right strategy for your products and services.

How to Win?

The Innovation Ambition Matrix PowerPoint template explains all the six verticals of the topic. While the vertical axis depicts the market of product growth, the horizontal axis explains the features of the product.

Every industry section has different requirements for IAM. This means that the structure varies slightly in every industry, such as the changes in its formation, product, service, or targeted market. Hence, keeping the target audience in mind, we have professionally designed the set to be completely editable. You can change the text format, modify images, and use different color themes.

The Working Environment

Since the template is more specific to industrial or professional requirements, it is utilized by sales executives, marketing managers, and innovative strategists of the workplace. Usually, our customers utilize just one slide to enhance the overall impact of their presentation. It is possible to pick any number of slides according to your requirements, modify it, and use it.

Often, educationalists also utilize the set to help marketing and managerial students improve their understanding of the market and product features that bring a transformational change.

Driving Growth

The set is professionally designed with appealing illustrations, which makes it great for helping your audience concentrate on the knowledge being delivered. You can completely edit the text, resize images, or change the background according to different color themes. Further, the collection is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. You can make the presentation in a comfortable working environment with eye-catching illustrations. Download these Innovation Ambition Matrix PPT slides now and deliver a presentation worth remembering.

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