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Knowledge Transfer PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Knowledge Transfer PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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An important component of the long-term success of your business is getting the right information to the right person at the right time. What if the person who is responsible for a critical part of your organization leaves? What if there is no effective communication between the engineering and marketing teams? How are you going to safeguard your company from loss incurred due to a lack of knowledge? This is where our Knowledge Transfer PowerPoint template comes into play. This effective method will not only save you some headaches, but it will also ultimately save your business.

What is knowledge transfer (KT)?

KT is the disseminating or sharing of knowledge from one individual, team, or organization to another and providing helpful inputs to problem-solving. It is the systematic continuum of sharing knowledge and learning from other people experiences. It is important in organizations as it seeks to create, organize, distribute, or capture knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. 

Employee turnover is a fact of the organizational world. However, with the help of the right tools, you can make sure that the knowledge that a departing employee has accumulated stays within your organization.

Helps boost the confidence of employees

Our template set help boosts employee confidence as it provides them with guidelines on how to proceed in a particular situation. They know that they are not expected to figure out the solution by themselves when the time comes. These PPT slides are highly customizable thus making it easier for you to tailor them according to the requirement of your organization.

Key information can be used by later generations

Our professionally designed slides eliminate the need of relearning what others have discovered. By standing on the shoulders of people who came before, new employees can take the ball and run with it thus saving the company both time and money. Our template is available on various platforms namely Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynotes, and Google Slides thus making them useful for a large number of people.

Easy to use

The set can be a key resource and differentiator for your company. This ensures that the right knowledge is secured and shared thus making sure that your organization keeps ahead of its competitors. Moreover, these slides are so easy to use that even if you do not have any experience in making big presentations, you will not find them difficult to use. Our template helps share knowledge with your employees and stakeholders thus making them equally important for organizations belonging to different sectors.

Create compelling presentations in less time

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