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PICK Matrix

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Every day we handle multiple tasks at the workplace and at home. Some tasks contribute to boosting productivity while others consume our time with dissatisfactory results. Our fully customizable PICK Matrix PowerPoint template helps your audience in knowing the right tasks and optimizing task management. PICK Matrix was originally designed to let individuals identify practices within a typical work environment, so as to achieve goals faster and without compromising quality. The PPT can be instantly downloaded from our website. 

Get to know your PICK

PICK opens up as Possible, Implement, Challenge, and Kill. The presentation set describes all these elements with clarity and practical usability. Possible calls for tasks that are easy to execute and have assured rewards. The implement includes functions that are difficult to achieve but are worth the time. The challenge includes tasks that are easy to complete but have a low payoff. And lastly, Kill, as the name suggests, are the tasks that are not worth our time. The template illustrates how it can prove beneficial for any company to push limits and scale new heights.

Well, it’s your PICK now

The high-definition PICK Matrix PPT is offered to you with 100% customizability. Our team of professional graphic designers has designed this layout on vector-base. With that remarkable feature, you get to reshape the entire layout as per your creative suitability. You can rescale, reshape, recolor, remove, reform, or move any of the visual elements of the design. And all this can be done without disorienting the high-quality that the layout has been already provided with.

So many more features

Besides adjusting graphical elements, you can also make adjustments in the textual content in a similar fashion. Edit or add any information that you’d like your audience to know about. All you need to do is place your sub-headlines and make final tweaks. You can enjoy the two color schemes the PPT comes in. Also, you can run the set of slides on Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

All the support you need

Employees of IT corporations, general managers, strategists, goal planners, team leaders, project supervisors, students in management studies, etc., all can avail this set to their own benefits. With its impactful design and research, you can make a mark on your audience with this presentation. Since all the hard work for an impressive slideshow is already complete, you can now save your time and labor that you were thinking to put in for creating the same.

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