GE Matrix PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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GE Matrix PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Understand your company’s positioning

Markets and industries are not static. Rather, they are always changing based on shifts in technology, geopolitics, and more. As a business leader, it is therefore vital that you can understand how your company and its products, are situated within your current market, and how this may change in the future. One of the existing tools that can help you attain this understanding is this Business Portfolio Matrix. Our GE Matrix PowerPoint template provides a clear overview of this matrix. So, if you are looking to share this concept with your peers, take a look at our editable set!

A well-established model

This layout covers a range of topics related to the GE Matrix. Below are some important facts related to the matrix:

  1. The Matrix was developed by McKinsey and Company in the 1970s.
  2. It features a nine-cell grid that measures business unit strength against industry attractiveness. A business unit can be a product, product line, service or even a brand
  3. The model aims to foster strategic decision-making around how to allocate resources

This set also features different versions of the Matrix. Additionally, it includes a range of other high-quality HD vector graphics, charts, and icons. You can use all of these to tell a compelling story about the Matrix, and the subsequent insights you gain from it. Because these visual tools are available in HD vector form, they are easy to edit and adapt based on your own qualitative and quantitative data. 

Personalization made easy

Using this GE Matrix PPT presentation template, you can easily create and personalize a strong slideshow. In a matter of moments, you can add, remove, edit, and scale content on the slides. We’ve designed this set so that you can do this even if you do not have a strong background in design. Further, all of the slides in this layout are professionally designed and pre-prepared. This means that they are of high-quality both in terms of the content and the design.

As an added benefit, this set is available in two different color palettes. Further, it can be used on a range of presentation creation and delivery applications. These include Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. 

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