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Sprint Planning PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Sprint Planning PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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With our professionally pre-designed Sprint Planning PPT, you can effectively convey your message to your audience. No prior experience is needed, and it features HD visuals.

Managing the Backlog Items

For those familiar with the Scrum framework, Sprint planning is something they likely know about. To put it simply, this is the type of planning where the team decides the product backlog items that will be worked upon during a said sprint. The team tends to discuss the plan they've come up with for completing the product backlog items. Of course, certain steps are involved. Now, with our professionally pre-made Spring Planning PowerPoint template, you can effectively talk about it all.

Determining Input and Output

The Sprint team needs to determine the input and desired output during a run. How much time will be required for completing a task? What type of updates are expected? And a whole lot more. With our pre-designed template, you can smoothly go through all of these factors. These fully customizable pre-made slides have graphics and icons for you to use. Other than that, the pre-existing content is ready to serve as an outline. Our team has worked hard to address as many sprint-associated tasks as possible. We did so to make the presentation creation process convenient for all users. We want you to gain more by doing less. With a few clicks, you can mold this set into a stunning slideshow!

Don’t Stress About It

We meant what we way. With the pre-made Sprint Planning presentation, you don't need to stress about upcoming presentation deadlines. We provide you with the tools and features. You simply need to use them effectively. With this set, gone are the days when you would require weeks to finalize a high-quality slideshow. Available in two different color themes, download the theme you prefer and begin editing! No past experience is required. It's great for academic and professional settings.

Graphical Representation

Do you want to present your content in graphical form? Are you looking for high-quality icons to use? This pre-created template has it all covered. Featuring HD vector-based graphics, this set ensures visual consistency and appeal for each slide. The icons and images can be resized whenever you want without facing any issues. Feel free to use the graphs and figures already present in these slides to convey your content. It works well with Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and Microsoft PowerPoint. You won't face compatibility problems.

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