Funnel Diagrams for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Funnels are a great way to illustrate the step-by-step reduction of data as it traverses from one stage to another. Download our entirely editable Funnel Diagrams templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides to represent your sales conversion data, bottlenecks in the sales process, stages of product development or project management, and so on. Using our easy to use decks, you can also present the analysis of sales and marketing processes in a visually impressive manner.

All the slides are designed from scratch to make them unique and avoid copyright issues. Our designers have embellished them with all required elements to help you deliver an impactful presentation, without investing much time and effort. The beautiful color combinations, graceful shading effects, and high-definition graphics render a professional look to these sets, making them perfect for business presentations. So, download them right away!


Who can Use these Decks?

Below is the sneak peek at our repository and how different professionals can take the maximum advantages of our professionally-designed PPTs.

Startup Owners and Project Managers

We have designed Investment Funnel, Innovation Pipeline, Double Funnel, Vertical Funnel, Project Management Funnel, Horizontal Funnel, Funnel Diagram, and E-commerce Funnel templates for entrepreneurs and other senior officials to represent:

  • the strategies of acquisitions and mergers to expand the business
  • business innovation process and innovation management ecosystem
  • the process of managing e-commerce sales funnel
  • phases of project management, and much more

Digital Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives

PR Funnel, Digital Marketing Funnel, Conversion Funnel, Bow Tie Funnel, Email Marketing Funnel, Content Marketing Funnel, Social Media Funnel, Purchase Funnel, and Marketing Funnel templates are the best pick for these professionals to illustrate:

  • lead conversion process
  • buyer’s journey
  • marketing framework to generate traffic
  • social media marketing strategies
  • brand, business, and baseline metrics to measure the effectiveness of public relationship metrics
  • strategies to nurture leads, optimize user experience, retain the existing and win new customers 
  • type of content that is ideal for Attract, Engage, and Delight phases of inbound marketing

HR Executives and Talent Acquisition Managers

Human resource professionals can use Recruiting Funnel, Acquisition Funnel, and other related PPTs for explaining:

  • the entire recruitment process - from creating awareness about job openings to closing the hiring
  • different tasks related to talent acquisition - Sourcing, Recruiting, and HR
  • ways to keep the existing employees engaged with the organization, etc.

Sales Head and Business Development Managers

Tofu Mofu Bofu, Sales Funnel, Lean Funnel, Demand Funnel, Funnel Sorting,

  •  the sales process from the initial stage to the final stage
  • the entire customer journey from awareness to conversion and motivators at each stage
  • how to earn more revenue through less investment and get effective results with fewer resources
  • the level of each customer in the funnel and ways to move them down the funnel
  • ways to optimize the sales process, remove the waste, and turn traffic into loyal customers
  • how to align sales and marketing activities of the organization
  • the process of demand generation and management

The slides can also be used for many other purposes. You can include any of them in your existing or future presentations. Our dedicated designers have prepared separate files for all major platforms - Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

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