People & Objects

People & Objects Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Our entirely customizable People & Objects templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides are designed based on a scientific belief that images help you establish a powerful emotional connection with your audience and enable their minds to process the shared information faster. These decks are the perfect pick for presenting on topics pertaining to demography, environment, education, traffic, temperature, finance, technology, growth trends, justice, innovation, work from home, and other topics. These visual elements can also be used to illustrate two different aspects of a concept, such as increase and decrease, positive and negative, right and wrong, etc.

The icons and figures will help complement your textual information, making it more meaningful. Infographics will let you put across your message in a visually impressive manner with minimal content. You can easily copy any of the icons or infographics and paste them in your current or future presentations. So, download them right away, without delay!


Ideal for All Professionals

Startup owners, educators, career counselors, and professionals from different departments - HR managers, team leads, project managers, sales and marketing executives can use these decks for a multitude of purposes.

Startup Owners and Entrepreneurs

You can use decks related to Vision Telescope, Meeting Table, Ready Set Go, Dartboard, Success Journey, etc. to illustrate:

  • mission, vision, and objectives of the organization
  • achievements and success journey of the company
  • announcements related to new office opening, new deals or partnerships
  • performance of various business units
  • new projects in the pipeline and team’s preparation to take up them, etc.

Team Leads

Tree of Skills, Slideman Communicating, Person With Roles, Bulletin Board, Running Man, and other PPTs can be used for representing:

  • effective leadership skills and roles
  • importance of communication in boosting team spirit and enhancing productivity
  • roles and responsibilities of team members 
  • ways to enhance team collaboration while working remotely or from home
  • performance of the individual members and the entire team, etc.

Human Resource Managers

Use slides related to Training Icons, HR Icons, Workplace Icons, Hiring the Right Talent, Employee Promotion, Hiring Icons, Coffee Break, etc. for illustrating:

  • training needs and training plans 
  • the process of recruiting the right candidate
  • the importance of taking breaks in between the work
  • do’s and don’ts at the workplace
  • steps to climb the career ladder and get a promotion

Project Leads

Tick and Cross Icons, Jumping Over Hurdles, Milestone Icons, Checklist Icons, and other PPTs can be used to represent:

  • the list of all the tasks and activities of a project
  • status of project tasks - completed, in-progress, to be done
  • level of risk associated with different projects
  • strategies to overcome challenges in the achievement of set milestones, etc.

Sales and Marketing Managers

Use Supply Chain Icons, Money Tree, Thought in the Bubble, Star Icons, Snowman Pie Chart, People Infographic, Customer/Buyer Personas, etc. sets for demonstrating:

  • behavior and persona of buyers
  • customer’s reviews and feedback for your products and services
  • performance of marketing campaigns
  • featured, favorite, and popular products, new arrivals, etc.

Incredible Features

  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.
  • Vector-based and high-definition 2D and 3D graphics
  • 100% editable
  • Reusable for lifetime
  • No copyright issues

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