Sphere Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download our completely customizable Sphere Shapes templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides to explain stepwise business processes, strategies, multi-layered concepts, and timelines of different tasks or projects to your team members in an engaging manner. Our experienced designers have designed the slides with an aim to save your precious time and effort. We have adorned the PPTs with high-resolution infographics, striking color combinations, and elegant shading effects to help you share the important and complex information in a comprehensible way.

To make your work easier and grab the attention of the audience quickly, we have designed each element with the utmost sincerity. We have given our slides the perfect professional look to make them the best fit for your business presentations. We have left no stone unturned in infusing creativity and innovation to craft them in line with the latest design trends. So, download them instantly and spellbind your audience!


Multipurpose Decks for All Professionals

These high-definition illustrations are the best pick for presentations related to market strategy, corporate social responsibility, strategic planning, business growth, awareness on environmental issues, etc. 

Professionals from all business domains, such as IT, finance, eCommerce, education, etc. and all departments, such as HR, sales, marketing, business development, etc. can use these decks for the following purposes:

Startup Owners and Entrepreneurs

For illustrating:

  • weekly, monthly, yearly, and quarterly growth of the organization
  • timeline of the historical events
  • outcomes of different alternatives
  • interlinking between different business units
  • security levels in the organization
  • impact of globalization on the business, etc.

Project Managers

For showcasing:

  • tasks, activities, and milestones related to a project
  • the progress of the project
  • roadmap and strategies to achieve the set targets
  • various alternatives to complete the tasks
  • level of complexity of the project
  • interconnection or interdependencies between tasks/projects, etc.

Business Development Managers 

For representing:

  • core business challenges
  • goals for the upcoming quarters or years
  • business reviews 
  • problem-solving approach
  • business expansion plans in new countries
  • revenue generation from different business units, etc.

Human Resource Managers:

  • organizational hierarchy and structure
  • the stages of the recruitment process
  • employees’ engagement strategies, etc. 


For explaining:

  • the importance and ways of conserving water
  • methods of conserving natural resources of the earth
  • the concept of water pollution, deforestation, global warming, etc.


For educating students about:

  • the model of the earth through globes
  • the global countries, their capitals, currencies, culture, etc.
  • water conservation and optimum utilization of resources, etc.

In addition to these, the decks can also be used to represent the concepts of global communication, global connectivity, earth-related issues, global security, etc. 

Stupendous Features

  • All the slides are user-friendly and 100% editable. You need not have years of experience in editing or designing to make changes in the color and size of the visual elements. You can make all the modifications without external support.
  • Enough spaces have been provided where you can put your own content to complement the beautiful illustrations.
  • These high-definition templates are reusable for a lifetime.

So, download the feature-rich Sphere Shapes PPTs instantly to deliver amazing presentations!

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