7 Habits of Stephen Covey

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7 Habits of Stephen Covey

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Most HR training sessions include presentations on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as introduced by Stephen Covey. These 7 influential points have great value and help employees and managers to work productively. Yet, creating them in visuals isn't that easy. This is where our pre-created 7 Habits of Stephen Covey PowerPoint Template comes handier. First, it gives you a more creative, interesting, and unique representations of all the seven points. Second, your message is conveyed with added power and dynamism. Finally, your task gets easier and far more effective than otherwise. Where on one hand your efforts are saved; on the other, time is saved too. There is simply no need to do anything right from the scratch.

The template set consists of 8 editable PPT Slides. Professionally created by a team of theme experts, it perfectly suits the corporate scenario. Flexible and customizable, you can modify every inch of the slides. Starting from choosing the color schemes to selecting the layout and background details, everything is completely editable. Your task gets restricted to making slight modification and adding your content. By doing just that, you are ready with most appealing visuals for presenting your points. Best for motivating your team, it best trains people to handle every situation with confidence and positivity. All the major self improvement perspectives that Covey teaches through the seven major points are depicted on the slides. With smart and bold graphics and modernistic designing, your visuals become instant attention grabber.

From intense training session to team motivation rounds, you make your audience hold their breath. Present with total ease and at your best with just a bit of touch up. And there you are the most effective presenter at your work place!


Stephen R. Covey wrote a business and self-help book named "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", that was first published in 1989. It gained much popularity and even turned out to be one of the top selling non-fiction business books. It has seen translations in about 38 languages worldwide. Interestingly, the U.S. President, Bill Clinton, during his term, asked Covey to suggest the way to incorporate the message from the book into his presidency!

The same 7 habits that the book discusses are often used as important Human Resource training tool across the corporate world. These are as under:

One, Be Proactive - This suggests staying ready to take an initiative.

Two, Begin with the End in Mind - This motivates the managers and entrepreneurs to clearly envision what they really want or aim at.

Three, Put First Things First - This recommends managers to organize their tasks according to their priority.

Four, Think Win - Win - This suggests co-workers to respect and value each other and understand that by setting a long term resolution involving all the members will get a better result compared to the one that involves individuals singularly.

Five, Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood - Truly influential people show empathy towards others. They listen to others, try to understand them and in this way they create a caring atmosphere leading to positive problem solving.

Six, Synergize - For better results positive teamwork is essential. No great works can be done alone. Working in teams combines all the positive qualities and strengths easing up the accomplishment of the goal.

Seven, Sharpen the Saw - This points out toward renewal of the resources that include both people and material. Just the way tools have to be taken care of or maintained; people need to renew their energy that can be physical, mental or spiritual.

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