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Whatever message you want to convey through the presentation, you need to be comprehensible. This being the most important aspect of business communication, visuals occupy a truly earnest place in whatever you have to say. Even when you're to introduce the concept of benchmarking, the requirement remains the same. But creating most appropriate and convincing set of visuals is a real pain. Understanding this very fact, we bring to you an entire set of pre-designed PowerPoint Benchmarking Template. Professionally built under the supervision of field experts, the set helps you present like a pro! There is absolutely nothing to do from the scratch. Just a bit of alteration and content addition and you're all done.

Perfectly versatile and truly flexible, the set is useful for all the related themes regardless of your industry type and business size. Whether it is an entirely new concept on performance improvement or a quick revision of the performance evaluation techniques your company uses, the set will be helpful. You may aim at assisting your team at the right way of comparing your business process and performances with the industry standards. Or explain them how evaluating the performance can lead to best practices aiming at better productivity and improved results. Whatever may your aim be, the set will always prove a best help in visualizing your message well.


Benchmarking is a kind of measurement for evaluating how an organization is performing and for understanding the quality of the strategies, processes, policies, programs that make a part of an organization as well as the products and services that it offers. It aims at introducing improvements in the various aspects of an organization to maintain higher performance levels. It is usually used to measure quality, time and cost and often involve comparing the performance of a business with the industry best practices.

According to Robert Camp, a benchmarking process should follow a 12 stage approach that include the following steps: selecting subject; defining the process; identifying the potential partners; identifying data sources; collecting data and selecting partners; determining the gap; establishing process differences; targeting future performance; communication; goal adjustment; implementation; and the process of reviewing and recalibration.

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