Calendar 2016 for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Calendar 2016 for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Business presentations are a crucial part of every day official communication. While sometimes you only have to put them up for explaining a point or two, at other times, you need to include specific time, date, or season for emphasizing on the information. Thus, when you aim at declaring the beginning of some important project at the beginning of the New Year, calendar for the year speaks a lot. With our pre-designed PowerPoint Calendar 2016 Template you'll be able to visualize tons of things in a lot better manner.

Ready for immediate use, it is super easy and comfy to choose the slides from the set and use them the way you want. You get a wide range of colors, icons, and shapes to choose from. Freedom to play around the designing elements further makes the task interesting. Whether you simply aim at giving an overview of the coming year or mark out specific months and dates, you have incredible options. Your message can be as simple as telling your audiences about what you aim at doing in the coming year. You may even think of highlighting estimated number of months for a particular project. Whatever might your message be, the set will always prove suitable for the purpose. More precisely, anything and everything that you have to mention about a calendar, the set will help you with that!


Calendar 2016 is a smart little set of amazing slides offering all the months of the Gregorian calendar year 2016. Most colorfully built, the set offers slides in most attractive shades and designing patterns. Whether you have an important business presentation or some kind of college or school research project that require calendar to be included, the set will prove a best visual prop for you. Most versatile and flexible, it is best for multi-purpose use.

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