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Have a travel presentation to deliver? Or is it all about geography that you need to talk about? Use our pre-designed PowerPoint Compass Template and make your message more accurately put forward. Apt for discussing geo-positioning and describing geographic cardinal directions, the set is created with multipurpose usage on mind. Developed by field experts, the set aims at giving your rich user experience and ample visual solutions. Whether your business is related to compasses in some or other way or you have to brief on them from educational perspective, visuals demonstrating them in colourfully distinctive manner will prove useful for you. Demonstrate their presence in modern day smart phones and watches or emphasize on their historical usage. Or opt for their figurative use in some business scenario. The slides blend well with anything you aim at communicating.


A compass is a navigational instrument used for finding directions which are north, south, east, west, north east, north west, south east, and south west pointed out by the abbreviations consisting of their initials. In some cases, angle markings in degrees are considered. In this case, zero degree is used for north, 90 degrees is used for east, 180 degree is for the south, and 270 degree is for the west. The first magnetic compass was invented by the Chinese Han Dynasty way back in 206 BC and was later on adopted by the Chinese Song Dynasty for navigation. The western world comprising of Western Europe and Persia is known to have used the instrument in the 13th century.

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