Concentric Circles

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Concentric Circles

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Our Concentric Circle PowerPoint Template consists of slides showing ripple effect, strategic effect, target point focus, changes and alterations, etc. The circles share the same axis that means the goal or objective remains the same but the attributes change periodically with time. There are several types of concentric circle viz., flat, segmented, multi-layered, segmented 3D, etc according to one's subject specific requirement and use. These are used to describe any type of growth process, development stages, or even extrapolate the growth cycles and flow. Be it science, industry, business, research, technology, arts, academic study, government sector, etc. all use concentric circles to elaborate on their growth and development strata and also the factors that are intertwined with each other.

The set of 18 editable slides are easy-to-use, easy-to-format and easy-to-download for instant access. There is provision to add/delete text, graphics, change color or highlight a particular statement or segment. One can easily emphasize on analysis, disposition, management factors, distribution, cause-effect relationship, staged processes, sequential events etc. in a presentation with the help of these circles.

Each slide shows layout of several concentric circles with different diameters. They can be easily altered and modified to suit the prerequisites of any presentation related to your organization. They have stunning backgrounds and are very easy to present also.


Concentric Circles, in general, are circles with a common center. They acquire an important place in exercises that involve relationships and the gradual progress. Communication and interconnections are always associated with such circles as they determine the powerful bonding. They are extremely useful in creating a range of business analysis and graphics. They are also referred to as Burgess Model. They have wide usage in depicting various concepts that range from urban planning structures to any gradual developmental process.

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