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Continuum PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Continuum PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Our Continuum PowerPoint Template can be used in presentations on space-time concept, mathematical models, time and space continuum, the universe, relativity theory, electromagnetic spectrum, the black hole formation theory, etc. In short, every field of science has one or the other requirement of continuum to elaborate on data and its gradual transformation.

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Continuum is a continuous series, an extent or a kind of a succession, or whole and no part of it will be recognizably different from the rest. In simple layman terms, it explains a gradual and steady transition from one condition to another suitable one without making any abrupt alterations in the process. It is used to describe different types of risk involved in any business organization, in explaining kinetics and mechanics, quantum physics, linguistics, social sciences like psychiatry and psychology etc. The rural-urban continuum is one such example with either having a separate strata in society in terms of living standards, food habits, ethics, beliefs, work, education, finance, etc.

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