Dotted Country Shapes

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Dotted world map PPT slide
Dotted world map PPT slide Dotted germany map PPT slide Dotted USA map PPT slide Dotted UK map PPT slide Dotted france map PPT slide Dotted spain map PPT slide Dotted italy map PPT slide Dotted brazil map PPT slide Dotted australia map PPT slide Dotted europe map PPT slide Dotted mexico map PPT slide Dotted switzerland map PPT slide Dotted austria map PPT slide Dotted russia map PPT slide Dotted china map PPT slide Dotted canada map PPT slide Dotted south america map PPT slide Dotted africa map PPT slide Dotted india map PPT slide

Dotted Country Shapes

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If you wish to stand out from the crowd by drafting a remarkable presentation, then you need to include the right kinds of visuals. To help you do the same, our experts have come up with this high-definition Dotted Country Shapes PowerPoint template. It consists of various shapes of different countries and continents. Besides including all the major countries, you can also find a dotted world map in the set as well.

If you work for an internationally reputed firm and have clients the world over, then these PPT slides will certainly be of a great help to you. Besides that, researchers and teachers can also use this set. If you are related to geography, works for a visa company, or a travel firm, then you can certainly use these vectors on numerous occasions. Professionals belonging to different domains can download this template and make their documents more visually appealing.


  1. It is a professionally-drafted set that consists of dotted shapes of all the popular countries in the world.
  2. Not just countries, you can also find the shapes of major continents as well as the world map in this set.
  3. You can also add texts in these editable slides without much trouble.
  4. Since it is an entirely editable set, you won't face any trouble customizing these maps.
  5. The template is compatible with every major version of PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.
  6. You can alter the size of these vectors, change their color, or edit their overall appearance easily.
  7. It comes with a dedicated customer support.

Instead of using the same old maps to represent a country, do something different by using these dotted country shapes. Not only are they great to look at, but can easily be edited as per your needs. You can modify them without any prior designing experience and that too in no time. In this way, you can certainly save your time and resources and draft a memorable presentation as well. Go ahead and download this high-definition set right away and use these country shapes whenever and wherever you want.

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