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Eco Home Technology

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Have an essential presentation depicting technology dealing with eco-friendly houses and neighborhood? Make it more powerful and communicate more effectively with apt visual aids. Our professionally built pre-designed PowerPoint Eco Home Technology Template will get you just that - great visuals for great interaction! Whether you manufacture green technology materials for construction or you have a special proposal for your company and the staff for making the office and homes more eco-friendly, this set of slides will fit your purpose.

The set includes unique shapes, symbols, and designs depicting smart home and green technology. This will prove immensely helpful in making your point clearer. The template maintains a high level of flexibility and versatility. You can use it for all kinds of related themes. Your subject matter maybe related to green business, ecology home or simply the green ideas for home and office. Or maybe you are to speak on renewable energy and biodegradable building materials. Or your entire concept revolves round green investing. In every case, the set will accompany you well.


Eco Home Technology deals with environment friendly system of heating and cooling options for the home. This lowers the monthly utility costs and at the same time protects the environment from harmful human activities. It is a way of making your home more efficient with lesser electricity or heat consumption. This requires constructing the building in such a way that it becomes eco-friendly. This may involve using special materials such as cool roofs, biodegradable materials, electro-chromic smart glass, green insulation and using special smart appliances and solar power and so on.

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