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Hub and Spokes

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Hub and spokes PowerPoint template is very useful for industries and processes where strategies and plans are based on different entities relating to a hub or central point. Mostly used for the telecommunications, transport and freight industries, this template set carries 10 PowerPoint slides which can be edited instantly according to your requirements without much effort.

The spokes in the template refer to various units or components of a process and the hub represents the central point to which all these spoke points are connected. It can be understood by an example where the spokes represent the various branches of a company located at different places and the hub represents the headquarter of the company where all the branches report.

This template set contains colorful representations of the Spoke and Hub methodology. Whether you want to brief your marketing teams or you want to demonstrate various components of a model then this Presentation template is the perfect choice for you. The vibrant color combinations created by our professionals offer an enticing method of representation of your plans to your team mates. The representations used in the Hub and Spokes PPT template are really sophisticated. Our professionals have done it halfway for you. Now all you need is to add content to the slides so that it conveys your plans on your behalf with accuracy.


Hub and Spokes terminology is a system of connections that are arranged like a chariot wheel, in which all the traffic moves along spokes which is connected to the hub at the center. This model is used to depict systems or procedures where different components or nodes are connected to a central unit by any characteristic or attribute. It can be used to depict transportation routines, or data flow in network systems whatever be the requirement. It's centralized system architecture is highly relevant to various real life projects and business strategies ranging from postal and courier services to the operation of large power plant projects.

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