Life Cycle Assessment

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Life Cycle Assessment

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You may often feel the need of including the life cycle analysis of your products or services into your presentations. Neatly crafted visuals fulfill this demand the best. This is why we bring to you professionally created pre-designed Life Cycle Assessment PowerPoint Template. This set doesn't just add more authority to your information but also makes your communication more effective. With the set you don't have to get into the taxing job of slide creation. Nor there is any need of doing the things right from the scratch. Howsoever difficult or complex your theme may be, but your visuals don't take a whole lot of your efforts.

The Chevron type diagrams on this set include all the important phases of Life Cycle Assessment. This makes it perfectly fit for a variety of purposes. The slides are actually a combination of niftiest graphics and remarkable designing innovation. The versatility that the slides maintain makes them suitable for varied industries and all product/services type. Thus, whether it is an electronic item or a food product, you can use the set for your presentation without a second thought.

Your requirement may directly deal with the assessment of environment impacts, or you are to explain how your company is working towards eco-balance. From displaying the different stages of a product's life to giving out your points on cradle-to-grave analysis, the template will accompany you well. Your entire task gets curtailed to slide editing and content addition. So, just mold up the slides as per your needs and hit the presentation hall. You will not just communicate at your best but will also enthrall your audience amazingly well.


Life Cycle Assessment or LCA is a system for assessing how the various stages of a product (service) impact the environment. As it includes all the stages right from the beginning to the very end, it is often called as cradle-to-grave analysis. The other names given to this technique include - life-cycle analysis and eco-balance analysis. Some of the stages comprise of extraction of the raw material via materials processing approach, manufacturing, distribution, its usage by the customers or clients, repair and maintenance, and finally its dumping or recycling. This method works great in overcoming the neglecting attitude towards the issues of environmental concerns. The basic steps that it involves are - compilation of the inventory related to all the relevant inputs and outputs; evaluation of all possible environmental impacts as a result of those inputs and outputs; and finally the interpretation of the results of the inventory as well as the possible impacts in order to take more appropriate decision.

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