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4 Column 11 Row Table

4 Column 11 Row Table

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Our 4 Column 11 Row Table presentation graphic for PowerPoint and Google Slides is the best pick to showcase voluminous information in summarized points, making it easy for the audience to grasp and retain the key takeaways for longer. The slide comprises a versatile tabular infographic that comes in handy for professionals from different domains.

Sales professionals can leverage this illustration to display sales figures for a specific product throughout a certain period. Project managers can capitalize on this visual to communicate the projects to accomplish within a particular time, including the deadlines, responsible parties for each task, etc. Business analysts can display the result of customer surveys in an organized manner.


  • The illustration can be easily modified to match your preferences.
  • You can display the graphic on any screen without compromising its original quality.
  • Our customer support staff is available around-the-clock to provide you with the best possible assistance at the earliest.
  • Our designers ensure that every object is crafted carefully to prevent copyright violations.

Use the stunning infographic provided in this PPT to convey your message in style and keep your audience engaged; download it now!

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