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7x2 Matrix

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Grab our 7x2 Matrix graphic for PowerPoint and Google Slides to showcase your information in a well-structured manner, making it easily digestible for the audience. The slide comprises a tabular infographic of seven columns representing seven days of a week and two rows. The editable text placeholders assist you in putting the desired content.

Hostel supervisors can use this illustration to depict the lunch and dinner menu for the upcoming week. Gym trainers and instructors can visualize daily exercise routines or activities and their duration or repetitions. Meteorologists can make the most of the graphic to illustrate day-to-day temperature forecasts and weather conditions for the upcoming week. Additionally, business leaders, educators, and other professionals can use this versatile infographic to highlight weekly goals or objectives and the reflection on what was accomplished and lessons learned.


  • No user requires editing expertise or tools to customize the illustration.
  • All design elements are designed after extensive research to eliminate the room for copyright issues.
  • Reach out to our around-the-clock accessible support staff for a quick turnaround to your queries.
  • The resolution or quality won’t get disturbed on any screen dimension.

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