Bowing Respect Silhouette

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Bowing Respect Silhouette

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Bending your upper part of the body and head forward and down is a sign of respect. We have brought you the Bowing Respect Silhouette PPT template to help you showcase the cultures of countries like Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan, where bowing the head is the traditional form of greeting. You can use appealing visuals to illustrate your consensus to follow the orders, express thanks and gratitude, and shoe curtsy. Human behavior experts can leverage the illustrations to highlight that bowing also has many meanings other than greeting, such as it is used to express deference, humanity, sincerity, and remorse.

High-definition Visuals

The PowerPoint slides contain male and female silhouettes bowing their heads at different degrees. You can capitalize on them to display that 15-degree bows are used at various formal and informal occasions, while a 30-degree bow is only reserved for formal occasions. A deep bow of 45-50 degrees is used in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea to apologize.


  • You can conveniently modify the deck attributes without possessing technical expertise or seeking external aid.
  • The graphics offer uninterrupted resolution on all screen sizes.
  • The users won’t encounter copyright infringement issues, as the entire set is crafted carefully from scratch.

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