Competency Stairs Model

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Competency Stairs Model

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Competency refers to the ability to efficiently attend to varied process requirements to complete a given task or objective. It is a gauging parameter used for evaluating an individual or system in a set environment or conditions.  

In our ready-to-use PowerPoint template of the Competency Stairs Model, you will find content in relation to occupation, industry, foundational, and personal. In this PPT, we have used a staircase infographic to represent the upward flow of competency requirements from personal to occupational level. It is sophisticatedly designed to highlight the common aspects required in each of these phases.

Uses of Competency Stairs Template

The simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing design used in this PPT is a great way of sharing different kinds of business requirements or expectations in an engaging manner. Herein, we have highlighted prominent factors that affect the business flow at varying levels in a simple-to-understand content. You can use it for: 

  • Introductory slide before defining employees' duties and responsibilities, wherein you can discuss interpersonal skills, professionalism, lifelong learning, flexibility, adaptability, etc.
  • It can be used in Human Resource and Management systems that include planning, recruitment, performance management, and staff development.
  • Helping your recruiting department understand the process requirements so that they can gauge deserving candidates while hiring.
  • Performance assessment - it can provide the framework needed to guide employees to improve their performance properly.

Depending on the presentation requirements, you can easily customize this editable template to relate your message more. Get this amazing PPT right now by clicking on the download button available above!

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