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Cooking Presentation Theme - Free Download


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Our Cooking Theme for PowerPoint and Google Slides is an ideal pick to improve the visual allure of your presentations and get your viewers through the world of culinary arts. The dark and inviting backdrop with food and spices graphics will captivate the audience.

Culinary schools can make the most of this graphic-rich deck to portray the fascinating history of cooking, culinary traditions, renowned chefs, various cooking techniques, etc. Chefs and food bloggers can highlight the iconic dishes from international cuisine, recipes, cooking tips and hacks, and more. The visually engaging design elements also come in handy for dieticians and nutritionists to showcase the importance of a balanced diet and healthy cooking.

A Quick Overview of the Template

  • A striking cover slide is provided to help you start your presentations well.
  • You can portray your presentation’s agenda with the Table of Contents layout.
  • A brief overview of your presentation’s topic can be illustrated comprehensively.
  • With the multi-step infographics, you can display culinary traditions, iconic dishes from worldwide cuisine, various cooking techniques, etc.
  • You can depict the evolution of cooking through a timeline infographic.
  • A step-by-step cooking recipe can be highlighted via a checklist graphic.
  • You can demonstrate dietary preferences, the geographic distribution of people passionate about cooking, and more with a demographics and pie chart infographic.
  • A concluding slide is provided to help you showcase the contact details.


  • Entirely editable
  • Assured high-quality visuals
  • No room for copyright issues
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