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Use our Crowdsourcing PowerPoint template to describe how businesses can gain access to new ideas, solutions, innovation, information, and wisdom by engaging a large group of people using new technologies. Business professionals can use this fully customizable deck to discuss how organizations can easily tap into the expertise and a vast array of skills by using this method without incurring the costs to maintain a team of in-house employees. You can also use this set to highlight how this method can help companies obtain opinions and feedback from people worldwide belonging to diverse social and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our passionate and talented designers have crafted this eye-catching template with stunning visuals to truly reflect your ideas and imagination, making the overall presentation much more impactful and inspiring. Download this set and craft marvelous slideshows with minimal effort and no design experience.

A Sneak Peek into the Slides

  • A beautifully-designed illustration showcases and explains different types of this practice.
  • A well-designed pattern with distinctly colored circles depicts the prominent examples of this practice.
  • A uniquely-crafted infographic with appealing icons showcases this process clearly and concisely.
  • The broad umbrella of crowdsourcing has been presented strikingly.
  • A pyramid-shaped diagram presents crowdsourcing ideas precisely.
  • A creatively-designed square-shaped pattern with relevant vectors portrays four different models of this practice, i.e., Wisdom, Creation, Funding, and Voting.
  • A flowchart provides the classification of different types of sources.
  • The users of this practice have been illustrated with crystal clarity.
  • The different forms of this practice, i.e., Crowd Creation, Crowdvoting, Crowdsharing, and Crowdfunding, have been shown stunningly.
  • A gorgeously-crafted crowdsourcing critical success factor model has been given in one of the slides.
  • Top applications of crowdsourcing by industry have been portrayed coherently.
  • An infographic gives an overview of crowdsourcing data governance.
  • The pros and cons of this practice have been described explicitly.
  • An infographic with eye-catching vectors depicts the process in a comprehensible manner.

Additionally, we have some more slides in our deck, which will help you serve your purpose well.

Salient Features

  • The editable deck provides the required flexibility to customize the size, color, background, and content without any hassle. You don’t need to seek any external aid to make the changes.
  • High-quality graphics and vector icons have been incorporated, guaranteeing excellent resolution.
  • 24*7 customer support desk provides a quick resolution of your queries and issues.
  • In-depth research by our designers ensures that no copyright gets breached.
  • Before or after delivering the slideshow, you can provide a handout of it to the audience in any format.

Bring in some grace and creativity to your presentations with this professionally-designed Crowdsourcing PPT. Download it now!

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