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Dave Ulrich HR Model

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The Dave Ulrich HR model is created specially to assist human resource professionals in carrying out significant business functions. The model, as one can guess by the name, was developed by David Ulrich with the purpose of managing different human resource functions in huge or large-scale organizations. In this model, the various human resource functions are divided into four segments that include HR business partner, changing agent, administration expert, and employee champion. The aim is to ease the administrative tasks by having a model in place for HR professionals to better fulfil their roles in an organization. This model aims at creating a unified structure that delivers value, defining a clear role for the human resources, and creating a competitive edge for the company. This model offers a benchmark for an organization.

How you can benefit from our template

Our Dave Ulrich HR model PowerPoint template is a significant tool for human resource management. It effectively defines various roles of human resource department in an organization and how it could be carried out in a way that benefits the organization. The set proves to be helpful in evaluating the workforce of an organization and how efficiently they could contribute to the organization.

Features you get to enjoy

The template set consists of a matrix layout that displays the strategic planning change management and other usual processes. For an organization to effectively implement management procedures, this model could be brought in use.

The single slide of the this model depicts four segmental matrices designed to illustrate the four essential roles of HR professionals. The roles specified in this model assist an organization in retaining competent and dedicated resource. The roles include:

  1. Strategic partner
  2. Administrative expert
  3. Change agent
  4. Employee champion

The set consists of multiple slides which comes in different color combinations. Its segments are designed by infographic icons. The slides are simple, editable and can be modified by the presenters the way they like it. The shape and size of the diagram can be altered according to the presenter’s style and tone.

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