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Disruptive Innovation PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Disruptive Innovation PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Every revolutionary product undergoes a crucial phenomenon, which is often identified as a disruptive innovation. In a nutshell, it is the kind of innovation that creates a whole new market for itself and brings a disruption in the existing market. It leads to the displacement of the market leads, alliances, customers, and plenty of other crucial parameters. The term was originally proposed by Clayton M. way back in 1995. In the last decade or two, we have seen plenty of disruptive innovations that literally changed the world around us. From the inception of smartphones to digital media, new-age communication techniques to USB storage, plenty of innovations created a revolutionary impact in our world.

In the present scenario, the concept of disruptive transformation has become an innovative business model as well. If you wish to explain this significant subject to your audience, then you can easily take the assistance of this extensive Disruptive Innovation PowerPoint template. We have drafted this in-depth and entirely editable presentation on the subject, so that you can explain it to your audience without any trouble. It is a must-have set for every business analyst, marketing guru, educator, entrepreneur, consultant, or almost anyone who is associated with this topic. The set consists of different kinds of illustrations, graphs, and vectors, based on the methodology. Since the topic has such a diverse usage, individuals belonging to almost every industry can use it. If you are associated with a startup, a research entity, or a futuristic organization, then this would prove an essential tool for you.

Simply use these informative PPT slides to impart knowledge to your audience in no time. You can easily introduce the concept to your audience and explain its different phases. Discuss the several levels of innovation or distinguish your product based on different types of innovations. Compare disruptive and sustaining innovation based on various parameters and measure the performance of your product in the market. We have already presented different types of graphs, innovative diagrams, comparison tables, and more that will come handy to you.

Simply use this extremely informative set the way you like and win over your audience in no time. An entirely editable template, it can be altered with a single click. From changing its overall layout to removing anything, you can do it all in no time. This will help you save your time and resources while drafting an impressive slideshow. Just pick your preferred theme and draft a memorable presentation.

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