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DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Originally presented by Motorola as a part of the company's six sigma management philosophy, the methodology is followed by various organizations to achieve their goals without the occurrence of any flaws or hindrances in the process. It stands for define, measure, analyze, design, and verify, which summarizes the basic of every step that should be followed sequentially to attain the best results. All these concepts have been explained with the help of high-resolution graphics and would be of great help to professionals belonging to different industries.

Our DMADV PowerPoint Template can be used by executives, head of departments, team leaders, company owners, business analysts, managers, and other kinds of professionals belong to different industries. It is a highly reputed principle and is used by almost every industry, whether it is management, information technology, development, sales, education, medicine, research, marketing, and more. A must-have tool for every business analyst and operation heads, it can help you explore your company goals in a better way, letting your executives and other colleagues understand the same without any hassle. Make your audience understand the concept, its sequential steps, how it should be followed, its benefits, and its relation to the overall growth of the organization. A comprehensive comparison between DMAIC and DMADV has also been elucidated in the set that can help you further explore the topic in a detailed way. Interrelate the principles like DMADV, DMAIC, and LEAN together under a single roof and compare them with the help of easy to understand graphics. From informative pie-charts to interactive illustrations, and flow charts to high-definition graphics, the template is a set of complete collection of tools that can help you explore the topic in a brand new perspective.

The PPT is entirely editable and can let you customize it as per your wishes. Get rid of slides and graphics that you don't want, add new slides as per your wish, edit the data and provide that personal touch to the presentation. This will surely make your audience grab useful information related to the topic, without letting you make extra efforts. Draft a kind of highly professional presentation that your audience will remember in the long run, with the help of these editable slides.

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