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Integrated Reporting PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Integrated Reporting PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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(15 Editable Slides)

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What We Offer

We have a professionally pre-designed Integrated Reporting PowerPoint template readily available. It's been designed to make the presentation creation process stress-free.

Reporting Across the Board

Reporting of data is critical in the business sector. Brand managers have numerous data sets to consider. Of course, there's going to more than one team in charge of reporting data regarding their specific department. However, the relation existing between each data set shouldn't be ignored. This is where our professionally pre-made Integrated Reporting presentation template comes in. A brand should have an integrated framework of reporting. This set can help you convey the importance of such a framework to your intended audience.

Connecting Various Factors

As the name states, the integrated style of reporting takes into account numerous factors. A business needs to look at the social, economic, financial, and environmental factors. And yes, more elements are included as well. All of them can be covered by using these pre-made slides. This set exists to make the presentation creation process easier for everyone. It's a great way to talk about data management, reporting procedures, predicting consequences, etc. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Two Different Themes

The pre-created Integrated Reporting PPT is available in two different themes. This allows you to select which theme will suit the tone of your presentation. You can opt for a more colorful style or keep it a bit simple with bluer shades. We give you the power to decide. You're ready to begin immediately after downloading.

Click and Change

It's just that easy! Being fully customizable pre-made slides, you can edit content to your satisfaction. No prior experience is required. This template aims to be accessible to all. And it more than delivers that goal. If you don't like the pre-existing content, no problem! Edit it out. Also, HD vector-based images ensure visual quality. Even resizing icons and images is easy. All of the features work together to give you the ability to create presentations without any stress. You'll also save a lot of time which you can utilize on researching the content you plan on delivering to your audience. 

Who's It For?

This pre-made template is for everyone. It can be used by academic instructors as well as brand managers. It's perfect for the data reporting business teams. The team leader can use this set to begin a conversation about having an effective integrated reporting framework. Also, it works with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

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