Integration Testing PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Integration Testing PowerPoint and Google Slides Template


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Testing for the proper functionality of any product before availing it to the public is always essential. In software development, there are elaborate test phases through which a product goes before its release. Integration testing occurs when a number of software-components are brought together and tested as a whole software. Our thoroughly editable Integration Testing PPT presentation opens for your audience a slideshow of in-depth, practical knowledge on this crucial testing method. This quickly downloadable PPT comes in two exciting color schemes. It can also be displayed on Apple Keynote and Google Slides. 

Layout to help out

Any software is built in parts that are called programs or modules, and at times there are third-party modules as well. Thus, it is important to know how these parts will behave with each other and if the client requirements are finally met. The layout tells you how big IT firms test their software, by describing three types of testing methods viz. Inverse isolation, white box, and the black box. It further helps you in augmenting your audience’s knowledge pool by describing four types of test approaches viz., the top-down, bottom-up, big bang, and sandwich approach. The layout is a well-researched, easily understandable series of slides that will let your team become better at testing. 

Mold it the way you like

You can move your creative flow in the Integration Testing PowerPoint template as per your need. The entire high-definition set is vector-based by our team of professional graphic designers. This very feature allows you to reshape, recolor, resize, rescale, move or even remove, any of the graphical elements. Don’t worry you will not lose the quality at all. Sometimes you may need to present a different version of the same template depending on the session’s time or the kind of audience. In such cases, you can make adjustments with just basic PowerPoint skills here. You also get similar creative liberty with textual content so that you can add to or edit any information provided.

Leverage the edge

The presentation distinguishes between system, unit, and integrated testing, it explains their order and also why it can be dangerous to skip the integrated one. Several parts of an IT organization can benefit from this template such as automation testers, manual testers, other testing team members, quality assurance executives, quality monitors and supervisors, software developers, product managers, etc. So, channelize the hours of hard work that you were going to put into creating a visually impactful slideshow from scratch. Type down your sub-headlines, make tweaks if necessary, and you are ready to make your mark on your team.

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