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Iterative Process

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As the name suggests, the Iterative Process is a repetitive activity adopted by software technology professionals to judge the feasibility of a product. In this model, a process is iteratively conducted with slight modifications every time to achieve desired product value or outcome. The modifications are based on the risk analysis, validation, and feasibility of the underlying product or services.

The initial and ending discussion of the process is started with the help of a presentation to make the software team understand the working structure and operating model. To make this initial stage and final step easier for you, we have prepared an Iterative Process PowerPoint template. 

Interactive Design

The template contains a detailed explanation of the iterative software management. Right from the repetitive prototyping of the product to reaching the finalized, finished product, the set explains every step in an easy yet appealing manner.

However, we understand that this collection is utilized by different people from the industry. Hence, we have made it completely editable. Every slide is handcrafted by our team of professional designers, which further gives the slideshow a professional and coherent look.

Process Ideation

The process is originally made to improve the product’s overall structure, which is why the collection is utilized by mathematicians and software engineers. Several IT managers and team members download the Iterative Process presentation template to educate the audience on the importance of effective software design.

However, the application of the process is not restricted to only information technology professionals. Many marketers and financial heads also utilize the illustrations for their advertising strategies and financial profitability.

Customizable Set

To make it hassle-free for the users, we have made these PPT slides completely editable. You can change every aspect of the collection, re-frame content, tweak image size, and use different color themes. For different types of professional settings, our illustrations are designed in different color themes. You can use the one that complements your presentation environment and audience.

The set is available in different downloadable formats such as for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. This means that you can keep working in an environment that is comfortable for you. It saves your time and efforts, which would help you get rid of all the presentation-making concerns.

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