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Market Viability

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A single term can't describe market viability. Instead, it is rolled by three things in one: Acceptance, Production, and Fiscal. When something is “Viable,” it is capable of working successfully and achieving what it wants. 

Do you intend to deliver a presentation on such a topic to your junior team members? Well, today’s your lucky day. We have a professionally pre-created Market Viability PowerPoint template just for you.

Covering It All For You!

Small business is extremely impacted by the failure of a product or service. Before releasing a new product or service, owners of small-business plan market research to regulate if their offering is likely to contest to customers as intended.

Multiple slides in the template help you explain every piece of information you want to pass it on to the employees.

  1. Features
  2. Market feasibility study
  3. Assessment that focus
  4. Characteristics

If you want to explain this fundamental concept to your employees or your senior executives or to the investors, then our Market Viability PPT will be the best tool to go for.

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