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Marketing Brief PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Marketing Brief PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Download our Marketing Brief template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to communicate various aspects of your marketing strategy or campaign. Senior executives can use this set to provide an overview of their marketing initiatives and their impact on overall business objectives to clients, investors, partners, and other stakeholders. Marketing managers can use this deck to present strategies and action plans to their team or top management for approval and alignment. You can also portray the budget and resource allocation across various marketing channels and initiatives. Additionally, you can exhibit the metrics and KPIs essential for gauging the effectiveness of marketing endeavors, including website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and ROI.

The slides boast stunning graphics, appealing icons, and subtle color contrasts. Leverage these design elements to add a touch of elegance and dynamism to your presentataions and leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Slides’ Overview

  • Use our cover slide to give a remarkable start to your presentation.
  • Showcase the presentation’s agenda using the Table of Contents slide.
  • An overview of your company can be presented through an eye-catching illustration.
  • A pie-chart infographic can be used to display market analysis.
  • A tabular infographic can be used to illustrate competitive analysis.
  • The SWOT analysis can be portrayed with clarity.
  • Present your SMART marketing objectives with an aesthetic design.
  • An infographic of male and female silhouettes and a map can be used to display your target market and audience.
  • The positioning and brand strategy can be highlighted via a perceptual map diagram.
  • An illustration of a smartphone can be used to depict marketing strategies.
  • A spiral circular infographic can be used to display budget allocation.
  • Showcase measurement and analytics using a bar graph and donut charts.
  • You can exhibit key milestones of your organization with an infographic of various arrows.
  • Thank your audience for their time and focus throughout the presentation with our ‘Thank You’ slide.


  • Easy customization allows presenters to tailor the deck components according to their preferences.
  • All graphics are high definition to ensure the same resolution and quality, irrespective of screen size.
  • Our experienced designers have thoughtfully crafted the set to leave no room for copyright infringement issues.

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