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PMO Framework

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Save your time and efforts while drafting an impressive PowerPoint presentation on Project Management Office (PMO) Framework. Simply use this well-researched and thoughtfully drafted template to impart a flawless appeal to your next slideshow.

This structured framework is used to govern a project by standardizing it on the basis of different parameters. It takes into account the available resources, tools, techniques, and more. The framework can be categorized as supportive, controlling, or directive. As the name suggests, a supportive PMO only provides constructive assistance. The Controlling PMO deals with the compliance of different policies while the directive PMO takes a control over the project.

Who can use this template?

Needless to say, it is a must-have set for every project manager out there. You can use this informative template and make your audience familiar with the topic in an extensive manner. It would also be a highly useful set for company owners, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, consultants, and almost every other professional who is related to this domain. If you are an educator, then you can teach your students about the PMO Framework in detail using these readily available PPT slides.

It consists of:

It is a highly comprehensive set of editable vector-based slides, covering the topic in an extensive manner.

You can start by defining the Project Management Office framework to your audience and discussing its other components. Furthermore, you can explain the framework overview, its lifecycle, phases, and other crucial details.

Teach your audience about PMO governance, areas of responsibility, functions, assessment models, success factors, key strategies, and other verticals that your audience should be familiar with.

All the vital information regarding the subject is presented in different kinds of charts, graphics, and vector-based illustrations.

How to use it?

It is an entirely editable set that is quite easy to customize. You can add any slide in between or get rid of any vector from your slideshow. If you want, you can also use the whole template the way it is. Additionally, you can alter it entirely and impart a personal touch to it in an effortless manner. The set comes in different color themes and provides a full customer support.

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