Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

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Quality Function Deployment, or commonly known as QFD, is a Japanese methodology that accounts the overall voice of the customer in order to determine various characteristics in a product. Developed by Yoji Akao, the traditional model qualified user demands into various parameters to form the overall quality standards of a product. Today, due to its vast implementation, it has become a global phenomenon. It is also widely associated with major concepts like value engineering, quality control and assurance, and total quality management.

Take the assistance of this professionally drafted Quality Function Deployment (QFD) PowerPoint template and explain this crucial concept to your audience in no time. The concept is already linked to plenty of major domains like sales, marketing, service, product design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and more. If you are also associated with these industries, then you should use this high-end set. These visual aids will be of a great help as you would be able to explain the concept to your audience in less time. From CEOs to marketing leads and quality analysts to business developers - everyone can utilize this concept in their own way.

No matter what kind of industry you belong to, the methodology can certainly be of a great help to you. If you are an educator, then you can easily explain the concept to your students in an extensive way with these vector-based illustrations. We have provided an in-depth and well-researched set of various visual aids on the subject that will make your everyday slideshows a whole lot interesting.

Go ahead and use these PPT slides to explain the overall house of quality to your audience. Elucidate the different phases and discuss the various benefits of taking this approach. Focus on all the distinctive phases while covering the history of QFD and figure out different approaches to meet the requirements of your customers. Teach your colleagues how to implement the approach and inculcate it with the overall company vision.

Do so much more while saving your time and efforts by taking the assistance of this entirely editable presentation template. Since it is available in different color themes, you can easily pick the most preferred option. Customize it with a single click and draft a winning presentation in no time.

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