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Software Icons for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Software Icons for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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While designing a presentation to depict various factors of a software or program, using related infographics and icons can help you deliver your message more efficiently. There are certain complex aspects of a system or software that you may need to explain to your client or fellow team members to make them clearly understand its process flow. You can use our Software Icons PowerPoint template, wherein you will find a variety of creative and self-explanatory icons. Each of them is designed appropriately, keeping the professional aspect in mind; thus, it will surely serve your purpose well. You can make use of it again and again after you download it once. So, click on the download button now.

Versatile Applications

This template is designed with multiple slides of icons, which you can use for all kinds of presentations based on software. Just pick the ones which suit your needs and use them in your existing slideshow. We have ensured that you do not face copyright issues by designing each of the icons from scratch. We understand that you may require to adjust the icons as per your requirements; therefore, we have made them completely editable, i.e., you can change their shape, size, and logo easily.

Compelling Designs

Each icon in this PPT has a unique and creative design, which will help your audience easily visualize the information depicted through them. Various concepts, such as software development life cycle, IT project management, asset lifecycle, design, coding, and testing etc, can be explained with the help of these icons. All the slides contain icons for cybersecurity, development ideas, and quality assurance to create an impeccable slideshow. Also, there are icons in the shape of spider (web), lock and unlock, chain, cloud-image, and sign. These reusable icons are explicitly designed to make your presentation engaging and captivating. 

Usable in Every Type of Professional Presentations

You can use these compelling software icons in any of your existing or future documents to improve the visual quality of your deck. This PPT can be used on multiple occasions. The color of icons can be changed very easily so that it matches with your existing presentation style.  You don’t need any skill set to make the changes. You can easily scale and resize each of them without distorting the visual quality, as they are made using PowerPoint objects and other useful designing tools.

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