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Sustaining Innovation

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Promoting strategic innovation

Over the past decade, many businesses around the world have recognized the value and importance of innovation in order to remain competitive in their respective industries. The rise of start-ups and small and medium enterprises has altered the nature of innovation and has prompted bigger companies and organizations to rethink their strategies, products, and business models.

But as a business leader or changemaker in your organization, you have to be able to explain to your co-workers, investors and peers the importance of different types of innovation, such as sustained innovation and disruptive innovation, and how they can impact your business and operations. Innovation has been a buzzword across industries for some time now, but there is still a lack of substantial understanding in what it actually means, and what it looks like in practice. Using our Sustaining Innovation PowerPoint template, you can help to bridge this knowledge gap in your organization.

Engage your audience

Our Sustaining Innovation PPT slides are rich in graphics, flowcharts, and icons, so you can clearly and effectively explain your ideas to your audience. Research has shown that the use of such visual aids can better engage your audience and can enable visual learning as well. So we have designed our set of editable slides to incorporate these insights!

Whether you want to discuss innovation management, the different types of innovation (such as sustained innovation, disruptive innovation, etc.) and their organization models, our slides will serve as the perfect supplement. It doesn’t matter if you are an educator or a consultant, a trainer, or a project manager - everyone can use this template as per their needs.

Save time and resources.

Creating a slideshow, especially on an essential but multifaceted topic such as innovation, can be a time consuming and resource intensive process. By using this template set, you can save both time and resources. With just a few simple clicks you can download and edit the template and add, remove or edit text, graphics, icons, and charts. To offer greater flexibility, we also provide the presentation in different colors. It is also compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. No presentation or design experience necessary!

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