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Vertical Timeline PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Vertical Timeline PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Vertical Timeline PPT Cover Slide
Vertical Timeline PPT Cover Slide Vertical Timeline Animated Presentation - SketchBubble Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 1 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 2 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 3 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 4 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 5 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 6 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 7 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 8 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 9 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 10 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 11 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 12 Vertical Timeline PPT Slide 13 Vertical Timeline MC Combined

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(13 Editable Slides)

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Planning made easier

Whether you are planning the development and production of a new product or feature, mapping out your career development or identifying key fundraising objectives, creating and using a timeline can be very helpful. Distilling multiple complex goals and milestones into a pure text form. However, it is not always the best option. A visual timeline can come in handy here. And, if you have a lot of ground to cover, a vertical timeline is a good option as it enables you to highlight more goals, objectives, and ideas. Our Vertical Timeline PowerPoint template offers you a range of options that you can plug into your existing presentations.

Engage your audience with useful visuals

Our Vertical Timeline PPT template includes a range of formats including by month, year, and milestones. Also, each of our slides comes equipped with additional graphics and icons that you can use to represent key concepts, ideas, and markers visually. These graphics are all available in HD vector form, making them very easy to edit and tailor to your needs. And to make things even better, each of our slides is available in different color themes, so you can keep things interesting during your presentation.

We know that visual aids are only useful if they are of high-quality. So, we work closely with professional designers who have extensive experience with designing to give you a range of timeline and icon options that are the best in class. Feel free to use them time after time, without any copyright issues.

Enjoy an intuitive customization process

All of our templates come pre-prepared so that you can save time and effort when creating a slideshow. These slides are also incredibly intuitive and easy to use. If you want to customize or input any of the timelines into your existing presentation, all you need to do is download the set, choose a color theme, and then you can begin adding, removing and editing the content. You don’t need any prior experience with design to use our slides effectively!

All of our templates are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

Create compelling presentations in less time

Exclusive access to over 200,000 completely editable slides.