Work in Progress (WIP) Icons

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Work in Progress (WIP) Icons

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There are hundreds of symbols that are necessary at the workplace, be it the office or an under-construction building. One of the most important among them is the sign showing work-in-progress. You need to symbolize the work is in progress in your presentations. The more creative and effective these signs are, the better they will understand its message. You can download our Work In Progress (WIP) Icons PPT template. We understand that you often need these signs, so we have made this set one-time downloadable and lifelong usable. So, get it right away.

Completely Editable

It is not compulsory for you to use the designs exactly in the manner we are offering. You can customize them according to your necessity. You can easily use any of the symbols in your existing document to showcase that the work is in progress. If needed, you can even change the font type, size, color, or format. The best feature is, if you require an enlarged signboard, you can scale and resize the graphics. You need not worry about the resolution, as it will remain intact as the graphics used are HD and vector-based. This PPT gives you the freedom to edit it completely without any prior designing experience.

Where this Template can be Used

  • The icons featured in this work in progress deck can be used in any of your business documents to show the progress of any type of project. This will actually enhance the visual appeal of your business documents. 
  • You can also make use of the man-at-work signage whenever you need to communicate the ongoing status of any official task to your senior officials. 

Designing it can be hectic for you in your busy schedule; therefore, we offer a variety of designs on the same. All you need to do is just click on the download button and choose it in the right format.

Grab the Opportunity

At SketchBubble, you will get a template designed by professional designers. We take care of every intricate detail, i.e., from the color combination to the shape as well as the structures of the visual elements embedded. All are made using PowerPoint objects so that their optical quality remains optimum even on a large screen. So, download it right now and make the required changes to reflect your message effectively.

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