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Circle Segments for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Circle Segments for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Give your message a visual ladder to climb high and get you flying results. Our pre-designed PowerPoint Circle Segments Diagram Template will give you a perfect ready-to-use option. Easy to use and handle and pre-formatted, you get complete user-friendly experience. Your entire task get curtailed to adding the content and altering the slides where needed. So, no more taxing job of slide creation and no more doing things right from the scratch.

The set is truly versatile and best fit for variety of purposes. Whether you want to use it in place of a donut diagram or make use of it just the way you do of a pie chart, you can do it with complete confidence. Whatever business you want to represent and whatever vertical of the business you deal with, the set it perfectly dependable. You may be a marketing analyst demonstrating the market share for a particular product or service. You may also be an accounts professional evaluating the annual accounts scenario for your clients. You don't have to be related to some business alone. You can also be a research scholar illustrating your observations across the different stages of the experimentation or the research you carried out. Whoever you are and whatever you want to illustrate, if your message has a theme breakable into smaller segments, the set is just the solution for you!


Circle Segments Diagram comprise of large circles segmented into several parts. These radial charts often take the place of donut charts and can also be used as pie diagrams. From representing segmentations of processes to offering results and observations in segmented form, they prove very useful in various visual illustrations. Best for regular business presentations on market evaluation, process stages, growth and performance of different developmental steps, these can also be used for displaying other useful information. From marking out scientific observations to demonstrating process or project evaluation reports of different kind, these are thoroughly versatile in usage and results.

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