Onion Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Onion Diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Our professionally built PowerPoint Onion Diagram Template will assist you well in your every presentation need. Created by the field experts, it gives you utmost creative advantage. It indeed proves a perfect way to present your message most uniquely.

The set consists of colorfully vibrant and aesthetically sophisticated slides. A rare combination of graphical innovation and technological smartness is maintained in the set. It is a best way to illustrate inter-dependency. Whether it is between different process and strategies or different departments and verticals within a business, it explains it well. Best fit for negotiation sessions where you need to relate the negotiable and non-negotiable aspects of a project, plan or strategy. Thus, your entire task gets curtailed to simply adding your content and changing the background details.

Howsoever difficult may your audiences be and howsoever complicated your subject maybe, your visuals will always be ready within no time. Simply focus on your message and leave the rest on the set. You'll surely make your audience skip their heartbeats!


An Onion Diagram is a kind of circular diagram that appears like the layers of an onion's flesh when cut from the middle. It is a chart which best used for illustrating dependencies among various different aspects, factors, processes or organizations. It is a best way to show different components within just a few circles or layers. The component placed in the central part of the circle generally represents the main concept and the next layers display all the related facts or information or simply offer other components dependent upon each other as well as upon the central concept.

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