Ripple Effect PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Ripple Effect PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Pre-designed PowerPoint Ripple Effect template is best for depicting incidents where one action or event is causing a series of consequences. Thus, our set of professionally designed slides will make it easier and effective for you to present your thoughts and concepts. Being pre-formatted and fully editable, you have visual aids best suitable for your purpose without any hassle. The slides are easily customizable and includable in your main slides.

Ripple Effect is useful in explaining various concepts. This works perfectly well for explaining the effect of an incidence or decision on an organization or an entire community or society. Similarly, depicting various changes taking place as a result of an action is easier with these slides. So, captivate your audience apart from conveying your message to them. Created after much research, the template offers unique versatility. Easy to mix up with your visuals, you hardly have to spend any time on them.

You get the complete command over the designing elements. Within a couple of minutes, you can change the color, font size and other important factors. You get complete freedom to play around the layout and background. Adding content and changing the placement of the shapes for content is equally easy. There is absolutely no need to struggle hard with the creations of the visual aids. Without spending a lot of time or making a lot of efforts, your slides are ready. Incorporating them into your main presentation is also a matter of few seconds. Simply modify the template, add your content and be ready to impress all.


Ripple Effect can be described as a spreading effect that happens as a result of a particular activity. In other words, it is series of consequences taking place because of a single action or event. The term is inspired from the rippling of water that occurs when some object is dropped into it. According to this concept, a single action affects several different entities. It is quite similar to the effect of single pebble dropped into the water leading to a series of ripples disrupting the entire water body and the things around it. It is a popular concept and often used in businesses where certain factors affect the entire enterprise and people connected to it. Other areas where it is used include economics, sociology, financial markets and within certain fields of software metrics in computer science.

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