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One of the most trusted frameworks regarding designing and development, ADDIE Model was originally created by the Florida State University. Though, over time the model has made its presence count in various fields as well. Today, there are several organizations that rely on this highly efficient model to carry their performance support, training, and other instruction developments. ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation, which are also the five major phases of the methodology.

Over the last few years, several organizations have come up with their own protocol of the model and have implemented this ISD (Instructional Systems Design) framework in different ways. From cognitive processes to theories related to constructivism, it certainly has a wide usage. The method has laid a distinctive connection between all the five phases that starts from the Analysis of the environment, objective, and instructions, and ends with the Evaluation of the executed plan. Because of its diverse usage, our ADDIE Model PowerPoint Template can be used by professionals belonging to different industries.

No matter what industry you belong to, but you can certainly implement this cognitive technique and work towards your goal-fulfillment in a better way. The collection of slides is entirely editable and can be used to create a refined presentation in no time. From subject matter experts to managers and trainers to consultants, everyone can use these finely drafted graphics and elevate the value of their next presentation on the given topic. If you are a researcher or an academician, then you can present your ideas in an interesting way with these striking graphics. If needed, you can also clip the slides you want from the collection and use only the ones you like.

This educational presentation has been created by professionals and will certainly let you save your time and efforts. From giving a brief outline of the model to exploring every phase of it in a detailed manner, we have used different kinds of vector-based illustrations to make things easier for you. Editing these PPT slides is a child's play and you can give a personalized touch to them on the go. Choose the theme you like the most and use this tool wisely to meet every requirement of yours.

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