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Patient Journey PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Patient Journey PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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The Journey

A person’s journey for recovery from ailment covers a range of phases under a medical environment. From the sufferer’s exhibition of symptoms to signing-up for a suitable treatment under a specialist’s supervision, a number of processes and measures are involved. Our patient’s journey PowerPoint template encompasses all the courses one chooses in the contemporary world to attain an ultimate cure. The PPT educates that along with the role and reclamation of inclusive finances, the behavior of patients throughout their treatment and care afterward.


Patient’s Journey PPT opens up about treatments both non-invasive (oral and therapeutic) and invasive (surgical and laser) which may involve hospitalization for a certain period of time. In the latter case, sufferer courses through stages of hospital care right from receiving a ward to final discharge. The presentation also speaks about the patient-doctor relationship which extends beyond the recovery stage, such as monitoring for any susceptible recurrence of symptoms and maintaining relief achieved by regular check-ups and follow-ups.

Who can get benefitted?

This presentation has been built by professional graphic designers to provide full ease of customization to Medical Professors, Medical Representatives, Lab Researchers, Learners, Doctors, Nurses, etc., this means one can add, alter, remove the text and rescale the high-definition vector-based graphics with no loss in quality, as and when they desire. One need not be highly-skilled to exploit those features, and even if you are not familiar enough with MS PowerPoint, you can work the same presentation across other platforms, namely Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

Leverage the resource

The slides can prove very resourceful for those planning to present an in-depth analysis of the subject before a wide audience. Since the visuals not only describe the traditional process but also informs newer ways and means of administering the inflow of patients (at the concerned institute) with in-house research upon on-going rehabilitation. With the help of simplified slides, the presenters can also elaborate upon the preference of treatment, selection of branded or generic medicines, alternative routes for recuperation, and post-operative compliance in regard to adherence to medicated drugs.

Reach Further

Easily customizable and instantly downloadable patient’s journey layout template comes in dual color variants. As a provision to edit the color scheme, you can also recolor any object or text too. Besides this, the set of slides is abundant with medical knowledge pertaining to the ailment-recovery experience that maps crucial and accurate diagnosis, illness’s progression, and modern-day treatment trends.

So, if you are in a time crunch and need a quick savior for your next seminar or webinar, you need not look further than here, with our curated layout for a patient’s journey.

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